Thursday, May 7, 2009


this picture was taken a while back, but it is one of the ones that shows me how my man is, this is what i think he is, a journay man.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

THE EASTSIDE poverty and olympics

in 2008 they held a poverty olympics, getting ready for the 2010 olympics to come. this was supposed to show what was going on down town lower eastside. it was supposed to end the poverty in the down town east side, to save the embarrassment coming in the next two years , the comunity joined together to help out.

Vancouver is losing affordable housing at an alarming rate, which consequently means a further increase in homelessness. In recent months, five low-cost rental buildings in and around the Downtown Eastside closed or issued eviction notices, representing at least 180 units.

in some cases, the olympics is not 0nly going to be effecting the east side but the west side downtown vancouver, apperiantly police have been charging for the little things, jay walking being one of them, at a meeting in july 2008, someone asked how many people have been given a jay walking ticket and half the room put up there hand. round 30 people were ticketed in two days for camping in parks in mid-July 2008.Jaywalking tickets have increased drastically: from 757 in 2007 to 1086 in 2008. Riding a bike without a helmet resulted in 32 tickets in 2006 and in 2008 that number rose to 92. The fear of homeless advocates is that warrants for unpaid tickets and similar offenses will suddenly appear en masse. Plant has been pushing for these legislative changes since last year but the cancellation of the BC Fall legislature session in 2008 meant that these changes have not yet been put into effect. apparently to target a certain crowd, I've notice that the police have been writing a lot more on the streets, stopping a lot more people. weird how now they finally step up and do they're job, but what for these little by-law tickets jay walking, riding a bike without a helmet. IVE SEEN A COP DOING THAT. if this is what they are doing to keep us in line, i don't think it's that wise.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

since being sick in bed gave me very little to do beside watch t.v or sleep, which is what i really could only think of doing for the last 5 days, i also had time to think, and came up with the perfect idea for my final project in photogrpahy class, well the olympics are coming to vancouver, and there has been very much contraversy on weither people really do want them to come or not, some people dont they think that its ruining our city, they are trying to cover up vancouver for what it really does look like just to make it look good for the olympics, ive even heard they are sending bums to country land just so they dont bother us here and cant make there way back here without any money or transportation. then there are other people who are excited for the olympics, and dont care what the cost just think its cool that they would come here, which is why i choose this to documentate i atually want to see who wants what more, do people really not care about the well being of people, and are people really that selfish.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


while i was growing up, i remember knowing that my family did not have very much money, for a little while, i would wear some of my brothers cloths as hand me downs, which i didn't mind, being a tom boy myself, it fit me better. i loved collecting beany babies and making them fall in love with each other, the beany babies that i really thought were cute i would buy doubles of with my allowance which was only about 15 dollars a months. or whenever i really wanted one, they were about 6 to 8 dollars for the expensive looking ones. sometimes when i was board i would go out into my field and play hide and seek, or climb trees with me brother and kids from around the neighborhood. i would build forts down in my basement with my friends, and would live in them. my favorite movie to watch were Disney movies of course. like the lion king, Pinocchio, wizard of oz, Dumbo, my friend Totoro, toy story, 1,2,and3. i loved watching home alone 1,2,3,4, they were a couple of my favourite movies. i liked listening to aqua, britney spears was one of my idols, i liked mary kate and ashley, i listen to eminem, i loved the space jam soundtrack. i had the casset tapes of britney spears, aqua, the vengaboys, and some disney songs, i had a bunch of random tapes with different songs on them. i owned the VHS versions of lion king, 101 dalmatians, Cinderella, Toy story, i watched TGF fridays all the time with my friend leah. i like the flinstones, the jetsons, the fresh prince of bell air, the simpsons, friends, and a bunch more that i don't see much on anymore, i loved one saturday mourning to watch Doug, Recess, the little mermaid. i liked TLC, Backsteet boys, Lenny Kravicks, Nsync, Destiny child, some i dont hear anymore at all. i miss them, i was a 91 baby. so i grew up in the 90's weird to say that.

i want to look at the kids and what they will do in the millenium, thats different then what i did.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

have you ever been people watching before, and seen an older man or women, and just imagined how they looked when they were younger? what they looked like took away all the wrinkles and all the grays, everything and put a bunch of fat on there faces to bring them back to when they were just a baby.

or vice versa for a baby, seen a baby, and thought about what they would look like when they were your age? i catch myself doing that a lot, playing with time, with peoples faces, its a fun things to do.